Student Employees Achieve (SEA) Badge

Student Employees Achieve (SEA) Badge


Want to show future employers that your student employment makes you career ready?

Join the Student Employees Achieve badging program!


Application deadline: Jan. 19th to join the winter 2024 cohort


Students who complete the badge will be proficient in application of the NACE career readiness competencies in their student employment role and prepared to transfer those skills to post-graduate work opportunities. This process of reflection, connection, and discovery delivers on the 4D Experience, providing opportunities that support students’ intellectual growth, character growth, well-being, and sense of purpose.


  • Students will identify how they are building career skills in their student employment.
  • Students will see connections between their student employment and their future careers.
  • Students will feel confident in articulating those connections for themselves and others.
  • Students will have a strong sense of self as professional and what that means for their future careers.

How it works:

All program meetings will be held on Zoom, in the interest of accessibility for all student employees. Close captions will be enabled, but please let us know if there are any other measures we can take to help you fully participate!

Participants will be enrolled in a Canvas course where they will engage in guided reflection on their 4D student employee experience and interact with other members of their cohort. Before each meeting, they will review assigned pre-work to prepare for the conversation.

The fall quarter cohort will focus on the career skills of Professionalism, Critical Thinking, and Communication, with the dates as follows:

  • Thursday, 9/28, 6-7 pm MT – Professionalism (led by Elise Goss-Alexander, Assistant Director of Student Employment)
  • Thursday, 10/5, 6-7 pm MT – Communication: Writing Styles Across the Workplace (led by Dr. Juli Parrish, University Writing Center Director)
  • Thursday, 10/12, 6-7 pm MT – Critical Thinking: Design and Assessment (led by Dr. Stephen Riley, Director of Academic Assessment)
  • Thursday, 10/19, 6-7 pm MT – Career & Self-Development: Transferable Skills (campus-wide open event)

The winter quarter cohort will focus on the career skills of Leadership, Teamwork, and Equity & Inclusion, with the dates as follows:

  • Thursday, 1/25/2024,  6-7 pm MT – Leadership: Leading at All Levels (led by Elise Goss-Alexander, Assistant Director of Student Employment)
  • Thursday, 2/1/2024,  6-7 pm MT – Equity & Inclusion: Workplace Microaggression Intervention (led by Dr. Krystoff Kissoon, Assistant Director of Social Justice Education)
  • Thursday, 2/8/2024,  6-7 pm MT – Teamwork: Teaming for Change (led by Joe Walsh, Teaching Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies – PLP)
  • Thursday, 2/15/2024, 6-7 pm MT – Career & Self-Development: Transferable Skills (led by Ila Dovre Wudali, Program Assistant, Student Employment) – campus-wide open event

In spring quarter, all program participants will be invited to participate in mock interviews with employers, alumni, and other partners in order to practice articulating the skills they’ve been honing all year.

Completion and Recognition:

Participants who successfully complete the fall cohort will be awarded a badge professional development badge. Participants who successfully complete the winter cohort will be awarded with a professional development badge. However, participants who successfully complete both cohorts by the end of winter quarter will be awarded the SEA Badge in April 2024. They will be encouraged to share it on LinkedIn, with professors, and with current and future employers as a mark of their career readiness. They will also be highlighted across campus and in employer communications.


All student employees are eligible to participate, no matter your degree level, your funding source, your immigration status, or how long you’ve worked on campus!

We especially encourage participation from students with limited previous experience with career development, students who are re-entering the workforce, students who are still exploring their career goals, and students who come from communities underrepresented at DU.


Please direct any questions to the Student Employment team at!