When it comes time to apply for a job or internship, many of us feel stuck figuring out how to explain our background and experiences in a way that will be compelling to employers. It is common for job seekers to under-sell the great skills they have developed to date.

A research project conducted in recent years at DU showed that recruiters scored applicant resumes higher when job seekers had incorporated feedback from a career advisor before applying. Below are a few resources to get you started on your resume and cover letter, but it is critically important to get feedback on your materials as well!

Resume Writing
Resume Basics Overview (pdf)
Writing Strong Resume Bullet Statements (pdf)

Cover Letters
Cover Letters 101 Webinar

For more resources on writing resumes and cover letters, visit our Resources tab.

Resume & Cover Letter Reviews
We highly recommend a resume and cover letter review to ensure your materials shine!

Students: Schedule an appointment with a career or peer advisor via Pioneer Careers or visit our daily drop in hours to receive immediate feedback without an appointment.

Alumni: We’re happy to provide feedback on your resume. Simply email your resume in a Microsoft Word format to alumnicareers@du.edu and one of our expert career coaches will provide feedback within 3 business days.

Apply Online Successfully: Learn about Applicant Tracking Systems


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Tips for Drafting a Resume in the U.S.


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What Wonder Woman and Hermione Granger Can Teach Women about Career Success


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Milestone 1: Map Your Path

Resume Review Days


There are many ways to trace the path of your career journey. One such way is to create a resume or CV to serve as a map depicting where you’ve been, and also provide ideas about where you’re going.

By Heidi J. Perman
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