Alyssa Bekerman

Peer Career Advisor

Alyssa Bekerman

“What do you do for students at your job?” 

I help undergraduate students to improve their resumes and cover letters. Talking with students helps them to utilize the tools and information they already have in hand and to realize that their experiences are valuable.

“Who are you? What do you want everyone to know about you? What do you enjoy? “

Personally, I am kind, observant, and thoughtful. I listen carefully to understand perspectives and small details. My hobbies include snorkeling, going to the beach and learning new things.

“Why are the Career Center services meaningful?”

Career & Professional Development helps students to learn about themselves and the different career options they may not have considered. Meaning is extracted from “who they are” and “what they have done,” information which is used to help them succeed in their internship and job search.

“In a quote, what do you say to yourself and students?”

“The most powerful weapon on the earth is the human soul on fire.”— Ferdinand Foch