Our team offers support for alumni in all phases of their professional lives. Check out all of our service offerings and resources below.

Alumni who graduated within the last year from a graduate or undergraduate program still have full access to the suite of services offered by their respective career services offices. Access those services exactly as you did as a student.

If you graduated from the Sturm College of Law, the Daniels College of Business, or earned a graduate degree from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, you receive lifetime services from the career center in that school.

Vetted coaches are listed alphabetically and by their primary area of expertise. Career coaches generally focus on job search and transition while leadership and executive coaches provide expertise in how to develop and hone the skills needed to advance or manage others. Many of the coaches can work in both areas; check out their interests and specialty sections for more information.

Coaches can help discern what career path will lead to success, provide a framework and support for career goals, or assist in honing specific skills.

Rates vary and all coaches have agreed to offer a discount to University of Denver alumni, typically 20% off their regular rates. Please check out this highly qualified group of coaches. When you reach out, be sure to tell them you are a DU alumnus.

Questions to ask potential coaches in order to make sure they are a good fit for your needs and style are:

  • How would you describe your coaching philosophy and style?
  • What should I expect from our work together?
  • What type of individuals do you work best with?
  • How do you define success?
  • Can you share some of your success stories?
  • What do you charge for the service(s) I seek?

We have articles and resource links for alumni of diverse identities. If you’d like to join an alumni affinity group, you can learn more by visiting the Alumni of ACTION network.

Alumni Services:

Quick Questions | Coaching Sessions


Sessions may last up to 15 minutes and no appointment is necessary (first come, first served). Call 303-871-4331 during our office hours: Tuesdays 12:00-1:00pm and Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm. Voicemails received outside of our office hours will be returned within two business days. We also welcome quick questions over email at

Resume Reviews *PAUSED*


Resume reviews via email are currently paused until October 16 while we work on system updates. If you would like resume assistance before then, drop-in resume reviews open to alumni will be held on Sept. 27 and Oct. 3, both on Zoom and at the DU campus. We also will have a resume advice workshop as part of our Fall Virtual Job Club. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to serving you in October!

Prior Event Recordings


Miss a live program? Or looking for content on a specific career topic? Check out our robust offering of recordings of prior events, available 24/7:


Interview Practice


Login to Big Interview to practice interviewing, watch career videos and more. You’ll need a email. Don’t have one? Call University Technology Services at 303.871.4700 to set up your email address.

Job Postings


    • Employers – Learn how to recruit for job or internship openings for entry-level and experienced professionals.


Finding Purpose at the Kennedy Mountain Campus

Learn about a collaboration between DU’s career services offices who developed a retreat at the Kennedy Mountain Campus called Designing for Careers and Lives of Purpose. This 2 1/2 day event brought together undergraduate and graduate students and recent alumni …

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Mary Michael Hawkins Senior Director, Undergraduate Career & Professional Development
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Unleashing Creativity in Executive Leadership: Fostering Innovation and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Dr. Govardhan Singh Rathore saw a problem in Ranthambore National Park in India, where his father was a steward.

The park protected tigers, but farmers logged its trees to sell for firewood and to give their cows space to graze. …

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Take Our Quiz | What’s Your Workplace Communication Style?

Even when we’re speaking the same language, we all communicate a little differently. Some people offer short, straightforward responses or explanations while others might add a ton of detail.

Knowing your own communication style—and learning to adapt to different styles—can …

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The Role of Authentic Leadership in Building Trust and Inspiring High-Performing Teams

Perhaps you admire a famous leader’s direct communication style or academic speaking style. So, you adopt their habits.

But these characteristics you admire don’t come naturally to you. After months of pretending, you’re exhausted by trying to act like someone …

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4 Signs It’s Time to Switch Industries (and How to Get Started Again)

Today’s world is moving quickly.

Technology is rapidly expanding, evolving at the speed of light. And these innovations are changing the way industries operate. Many professionals are finding themselves amidst changing times, wondering whether or not it’s time for personal …

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