DEI Discussion Resources

We encourage student employees and their supervisors to engage in regular conversation around the ways that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) manifest in their work and their workplaces.

Here are some monthly resources to read and discuss together:

November 2021: By Whose Standards: Boundaries, Self-Care and Redefining Commitment  (Brittany J. Harris)

Discussion Prompts:

  1. How does your team communicate about self-care? How does your team communicate about commitment?
  2. When have you found it difficult to create boundaries in your workplace?
  3. When have you found coworkers’ boundaries challenging to support?
  4. How can you support your coworkers when they struggle to balance self-care with workplace performance?

December 2021: The Changemaker’s Guide to Selling Out  (Lily Zheng)

Discussion Prompts:

  1. When have you needed to make a high-stakes compromise decision?
  2. Which of your identities or valued felt involved?
  3. Which of the three skills mentioned (compassion, accountability, and nuance) is most challenging for you in these situations?
  4. How can you support others in your workplace in navigating complex decisions?

January 2022: You’ve Been Called Out for a Microaggression. What Do You Do?  (Rebecca Knight)

Discussion Prompts:

  1. When have you been called out for a microaggression? How did your body and emotions react?
  2. How do you tend to issue apologies?
  3. What learning do you need to do on your own time to avoid future microaggressions?
  4. What else do you want your coworkers to do when they commit microaggressions?