Our Students

Why Hire DU Students

They’re prepared. At the University of Denver we have 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying in over 170 program areas. Our talented student and alumni community can meet a wide array of talent needs to help achieve your organizational goals.

Below are just a few reasons why our students may be a great addition to your organization.

DU is committed to educating the whole person.

Students engage in the 4D Experience, receiving a multi-dimensional, adventure-driven education that prepares them to make a difference and thrive in a dynamic world. With a focus on Careers & Lives of Purpose, our students are uniquely prepared for the world of work. They are active on and off campus, building experiences and career skills through unique opportunities.

  • 83% of students participate in internships.
  • Over 3000 students hold student employment jobs.
  • 122 active registered undergraduate student organizations, with over 3500 involved in at least one organization.
  • Over 75% of undergraduate students study abroad.
  • The most popular locations for job and internship opportunities include: Denver, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C.

DU is the highest ranked university in Colorado.

  • The University of Denver moved up U.S. News & World Report’s college rankings by 17 spots, being named 80th out of about 400 national universities. The rankings are determined by outcomes, faculty resources, expert opinion, financial resources, student excellence and alumni giving.
  • Highlights from the rankings include:
    • 24th in the category of Academic Programs to Look For – Study Abroad with over 70% of students completed at least one term abroad
    • 50th in the category of Best Colleges for Veterans
    • 61st in Best Undergraduate Teaching

DU has an intense learning environment, incorporating diverse perspectives to transform passion, idealism and commitment into careers of purpose and meaning.

  • Average Class Size: 22
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 12:1
  • 100+ academic programs
  • Over 100 Service Learning Courses
  • DU By the Numbers

What Students Say

Internships prepare our students.

“While doing a sales internship at United Health Group this past summer, I learned to navigate diverse customer needs, furthering my active listening and communication skills. These skills have prepared me to effectively understand and address the needs of clients in a full-time sales role.”

Laine Stubbs, BS Business Administration – Marketing

Student Employment prepares our students.

“Working for Student Employment has been hugely influential in preparing me for post-grad work opportunities, especially in all of the NACE career readiness skills. By working with real professionals, I am able to take my work seriously, whether that be through planning events, leading trainings, or even formal emails to departments across campus, and I truly could not be more grateful for this experience of gaining important skills before I join the world of work.”

Ila Dovre Wudali, B.A. Socio-Legal Studies & Gender and Women’s Studies

Athletics prepares our students.

“Playing on a basketball team has taught me how to problem solve with different personalities, work effectively as a team in low and high times, and foster honest relationships for the better of the group and group success. These skills prepared me for the world of work because a job is a bunch of different puzzle pieces that need to come together to be complete.”

Joss Wyatt, B.A. Communication Studies

Study Abroad prepares our students.

“Studying abroad was incredibly enjoyable and provided me with invaluable experience with a different culture. It was a fantastic opportunity that allowed me to explore new things and broaden my perspective.”

Sondor Bayarbat, B.S.B.A Business Analytics

Greek life prepares our students.

“My time in the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity has set me up with essential skills for the workforce such as organizational leadership, outreach activities, and the ability to navigate difficult and challenging situations/people. Because of this experience, I feel equipped to enter the workforce and create lasting connections.”

Nick Brees, B.S., Accounting with minor in Psychology with Ethics Distinction, M.S. Accounting, Technology, & Analytics

Student Organizations prepare our students.

“I became the president of DUGDS in October of 2022, and it’s been a super transformative experience for me. Denver has a very strong and supportive game development community, and it’s been fantastic to get DU involved with them through events like Global Game Jam and DU Arcade (which is coming up soon!) These connections have given me a much better understanding of the industry than any class could and possibly even opened up doors for post-graduation. I’m super grateful!”

Ian Warren, B.S. Computer Science

We make the choice to recruit at DU easy. Reach out to our experienced team to start the conversation.


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