WITA Pathways to Opportunity: Careers in International Affairs, Business, and Trade

The WITA Academy Pathways to Opportunity program consists of a series of career pathways sessions hosted by trade professionals from the Washington D.C. policy community.

The curriculum, divided between the public and private sector, utilizes the expertise of our members to highlight different roles and career paths that are available in Washington D.C. and around the world.

This is a one hour online event to learn about careers in international trade and business.

Students will gain insight from trade professionals, pose questions to policymakers, and learn about exciting career opportunities in international affairs, political science, business, and trade. Students come away with an understanding of the trade policy-making community, the role of its key players, and the opportunities for internships and careers available to them.

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View the event using the following password: c1WijBU&

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