Student Employment Positions in PCO

For students interested in working while pursuing their studies and gaining valuable skills and experience, our student employment positions are a great opportunity. We have both work-study funded and non-work study funded positions posted in PCO, DU’s central online internship and job board. 


Student employment positions are now posted in PCO, along with internships and full-time positions. Jump into this system to search for and apply for positions. In this same system, you can also make an appointment with career advisors and register for professional development programs and events. For more information, check out the Student Employment website.

How to Search for Student Employment Positions in PCO

  1. Login to PCO.
  2. On the homepage, select “OCI and Job Listings”.

On this screen you will see a search bar at the top with filters. Select “Type of Job” filter and choose Student Employment: “On Campus” OR “Off-Campus” . There are number of campus-associated positions, indicated by a DU shield .

To search for work study required positions…

  • After navigating to “OCI and Job Listings”, go to “add filter” and type in “compensation”. Add this filter and select “work study funded”.

To search for non-work study positions…

  • After navigating to “OCI and Job Listings”, go to “add filter” and type in “compensation”. Add this filter and select “non-work study funded”. If you are looking for both types of positions, select “work study funded or non-work study funded”.


Check out the Student Employment website for resources like how to find student employment positions in Pioneer Careers, resume samples and remote working tips. Common FAQs are found here 

Resume Review Process 

Please note resumes go through a review process when you apply for positions. You are able to apply for positions only after the resume has been reviewed and approved. This helps increase the competitiveness of your application and allows our advisors to share best practices for resume writing, a skill that will help for the current position you are applying for and future positions.   

Work Study 

Work-study is a form of need-based financial aid that allows students to work on campus (or with an approved off-campus employer) to earn money to help pay for college expenses. The maximum amount you can earn throughout the 2020-21 academic year is the amount listed on your financial aid offer.  There are student employment positions that are open to both work-study funded and non-work study funded students. 

Questions about work-study? Contact Financial Aid at 

Student Employee Training and Development 

We are in the process of building out professional development training for student employees and student employee supervisors for the academic year. These will be posted in Pioneer Careers and advertised on our website. More to come. Stay tuned! 

Need further assistance? Check out the Student Employment website or contact Student Employment at

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Executive Director, Employer Connections & Alumni Career Engagement