#1Day4DU: Support DU Career Services


Career development is of growing importance to DU students and university students nationwide. We know that DU grads who participate in at least one internship earn $10,000 more in their first jobs, but some students can’t afford to take an unpaid internship. …

By Maria Kuntz
Maria Kuntz Assistant Director, Advancement Marketing Maria Kuntz
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Networking: As bad as a trip to the DMV?


The word networking tends to evoke strong and oftentimes negative reactions in both students and experienced professionals.  As DU’s Alumni Career Advisor, I can personally attest that networking generates a negative response on par with finding out you …

By Lindsey Day
Lindsey Day Alumni Career Counselor Lindsey Day
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The Ideation Challenge and YOU!

ideation challenge

Take advantage of an amazing opportunity to gain practical experience in your field while simultaneously working with incredible companies and employers. Apply for Arrow Electronics Ideation Challenge! This innovative experience will give you the opportunity to work in small teams with …

By Gabriella Gullia
Gabriella Gullia Graduate Fellow, Career Services Gabriella Gullia
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Forget the Career Ladder—You’re Climbing a Rock Wall

rock climbing wall_3

We’re all familiar with the phrase “climbing the career ladder.” We’ve heard it uttered by our parents, significant other, the media and even in cinematic masterpieces. But let’s face it, your career path might look more like the gym’s rock wall than the sturdy steel structure you’ve envisioned. …

By Maria Kuntz
Maria Kuntz Assistant Director, Advancement Marketing Maria Kuntz
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Women in Comms Networking Breakfast: Building Your Brand

women in comms logo

Supporting women in the next-gen communications industry is a multi-faceted issue that includes everything from young girls in STEM to recruiting processes to company cultures, practices and policies. But, for our first Women in Comms breakfast of 2016 — and …

By Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas Director
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