Achieve Series: Supervisor Track

For any and all on-campus supervisors, staff and faculty! Trainings are available at the times below, on-demand, and via recorded session (for select trainings, for a limited time). If the pre-scheduled time does not work for you, we can work with you on a time that does.

Spring 2021

Monday 4/12 @ 12 pm – 1 pm | Identity Conscious Supervision | Recording Coming Soon

Open to all DU community members who supervise.

The Office of Student Employment is excited to host Craig Elliott and Robert Brown, two of three authors of Identity Conscious Supervision in Student Affairs: Building Relationships and Transforming Systems, to present a conceptual framework for identity-conscious and intersectional supervision. This webinar will give supervisors a strategic approach to engage in self-work, identity exploration, relationship building & trust development. This transformative model addresses day-to-day challenges and helps supervisors become more adept at supervising people from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

Topics during the session will prioritize the following components of the model:

  • Relationship with Self & Others
  • Creating a Strong Sense of Self
  • Fostering Identity Exploration

From this session you will:

  • Increase awareness of the concepts of Identity-Conscious Supervision.
  • Understand the importance of developing a strong sense of self.
  • Learn practical tips to improve your supervision practice.
  • Provide practical tips for supervisors to improve their practice.

Supervisory strategies addressed: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication.

Monday 4/12 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm | Skill-Building Session: Identity Conscious Supervision | Recording Not Available

Open to student employee supervisors. Max of 25 attendees so register quick.

A follow-up to the campus-wide webinar, Craig Elliott and Robert Brown will host an interactive hour for student employee supervisors. We will take a deep dive into Relationship with Self & Others, Creating Strong Sense of Self, and Fostering Identity Exploration to practice the practical applications of these concepts. If you register for this session, please plan to attend the Identity Conscious webinar as well.

Supervisory strategies addressed: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication.

Monday 4/20 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm | Providing Feedback & Performance Evaluations | Recording Unavailable

Managing the performance of your student employee with specific attention to development is important. In this session, we’ll present strategies to providing on-going and timely feedback to student employees as well as annual performance evaluations, which map to the 4D student and Career Skills. We will revisit the annual GROW® questions as presented in the Supervising Student Employees training.

By the end of our time together, you will learn:

  • Definitions of performance management, feedback, and performance evaluations and how these map the 4D student and Career Skills.
  • Approaches for preparing for and providing feedback and performance evaluations, as well as strategies and resources for when employee relations issues arise.
  • Strategies to check your feedback and performance evaluations for bias.

Supervisory strategies addressed: Understanding DU/ Department Policy and Procedures, Coaching/ Empowering, Communication.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm| Navigating Conflict in the Workplace | Recording Coming Soon

Offered by The Conflict Center, this is a deep dive into conflict in the workplace. Conflict happens in all relationships, even in the relationship of a supervisor and student employee. This training will dive into assumptions, motivations and navigating challenging conversations. What stories are we creating that get in the way of productive interactions and conversations? If a roadblock occurs, how can we work through it in a positive way where folks get their needs met? We’ll discuss listening vs. understanding and delivering messages clearly and concisely. What are ways we can ensure that all parties feel heard and understood? How can we be clear from the beginning to avoid miscommunications that may occur later?

In addition, we will explore how unconscious bias works as an element in conflict on an interpersonal level as well as how unconscious bias becomes ingrained in systems. We will be looking at conflict through the lens of power, privilege, and oppression as well as how identity influences perspective and experiences.

We will cover Cultivating Healthy Communication in a subsequent training. Navigating Conflict in the Workplace and Cultivating Healthy Communication will be open to both supervisors and student employees.

Supervisory strategies addressed: DEI, Coaching/Empowering, Communication, Career Management, Problem Solving.

Winter 2021

Monday, 1/29 @ 12 pm | How to Successfully Go from Individual Contributor to Manager | Recording Unavailable

Check out this relevant Career Skills Conference topic for student employee first-time supervisors. As a first-time manager, you may feel a little lost trying to get results while being the boss people want to work with. Unsure of how hard to push, unclear on how to navigate conflict, and uncertain about the mysteries of delegation, you may be doubting you will succeed at this next step in your career. In this fast-paced, interactive session, you’ll learn that everything you’re feeling is normal and it’s actually a sign you’re on the path towards becoming a great manager.

Tuesday, 2/9 @ 4 pm – 5:30 pm | Supervising Student Employees | View Recorded Session

Supervising others is a big responsibility and learning how to do so effectively is key to making any supervisory relationship work. In this training, you’ll learn about the unique development of students, structuring meaningful experiences for students, successful on-boarding practices, as well as coaching techniques. We will share Career Skills & Guided Reflection on Work (GROW®) questions for weekly and annual performance conversations. We’ll also learn from DU supervisor, Neda Kikhia, and former student employee, Manda Wittebort, about how they made their supervisory relationship thrive.

Please note this session will be interactive to include breakout rooms and chat encouragement. Supervisory strategies addressed: Communication, Coaching/Empowering, DEI.

Wednesday, 2/17 @ 12 pm | PioneerTime Training | Recording Unavailable

Offered by our campus partner, Shared Services, this training will help you navigate PioneerTime, learn timekeeping rules and supervisor responsibilities, and approve timecards for your student employees.

Tuesday, 2/16 @ 4:00 pm | Crucial Conversations: How to Talk to Coworkers When Emotions are Strong and the Stakes are High | Recording Unavailable

Difficulties and conflicts arise at work, just as they do in everyday life. It’s natural—we’re only human! However, at work, the stakes may seem really high. How often have you put off a challenging conversation because you were worried about how it would go? And isn’t it even harder now that work is increasingly taking place in the virtual world? Wouldn’t you like to be able to transform unpleasant emotions into powerful dialogue? Join Paula Staffeldt, seasoned leadership coach and corporate trainer (, for an interactive taste of Crucial Conversations, based on the best-selling book and program.

You’ll discover:
• what makes a conversation crucial
• why these kinds of conversations are personally so difficult for you
• how to set the stage for a candid, respectful conversation, even when the stakes are high

Space for this training is limited, so register quick! Due to the interactive nature of this program, we are asking for cameras to remain on during the training. Please feel free to use a virtual background (zoom has great pre-loaded options!). If you have not used a virtual background before, here is a quick how-to. Supervisory strategies addressed: Communication, Conflict Management.

Fall 2020

In addition, please consider viewing/listening/reading the 2 trainings offered to students regarding their rights and responsibilities. More information is provided on the Student Employees Achieve Series page.

Fri, 10/9 @ 10:30 am | PioneerTime Training | View Recorded Session

Offered by our campus partner, Shared Services, this training will help you navigate PioneerTime, learn timekeeping rules and supervisor responsibilities, and approve timecards for your student employees.

Thu, 10/22 @ 12 pm | Hiring Student Employees and Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process | View Recorded Session

Learn about some of the recent changes with Student Employment as well as tips on how to recruit, hire, and train you student employees. Using Pioneer Careers will be covered. Special focus will be given to implicit bias in the hiring process and how to avoid missteps.

Tu, 10/27 @ 12 pm | Managing Remote Work with Your Student Employees | View Recorded Session

The sister training to working remotely for student employees, this training focuses on how you can manage the remote work of your student employees. This brief session will deliver tools and strategies to help you be successful as a remote supervisor. Time will be left at the end for attendees to share their own tips and tricks.

Thu, 11/19 @ 12 pm | Campus Supervisor Panel on Program Best Practices | Recording Unavailable

Learn best practices  from supervisors who employ large numbers of students each year, including admission, housing, orientation, the writing center and more. This will be a panel format with questions asked by the presenter. At the end, resources will be shared and attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions.