Post Student Employee Positions in PCO

PCO is DU’s internship and job board for students. It’s a one-stop shop and students will find student employment positions, internships, & full-time opportunities on the site. They can also make appointments with their career advisor and register for career & professional development events. This board is a great tool to advertise your positions.

Create Your Account & Post Positions

  1. Go to PCO.
  2. If you’ve created a profile previously, skip to step 4 and login to your account. If you have not created an account previously, select “sign up for an account”.
  3. Enter your contact information and create an account password. When finished, select “create account”.
    • If you are an on-campus employer, use the following naming convention in the “Employer” field: “University of Denver – DU – name of your department/division”.
      • For example, “University of Denver – DU – Accounting Department”
    • If you are an off-campus employer, select off-Campus Childcare, Off-Campus Landscape Maintenance, etc. Select the one that best fits your position.
  4. After logging in, click “Post a Job” on the homepage of PCO.
  5. Complete all required categories, paying special attention to the following categories:
    • Job Phase: select “Internships & Student Employment”
    • Work Authorization:
      • On-campus employers, select “All Work Authorizations Accepted”. This will ensure the ability for all students, including international students, to view the posting.
      • Off-campus employers, verify selection choice through information provided by International & Student Scholar department.
    • Type of Job:
      • On-campus employers, select “Student Employment: On DU Campus”.
      • Off-campus employers, select “Internship” or “Student Employment: Off Campus” (ex. childcare, tutoring, etc.)
    • Eligibility:
      • Select “Current Students and 1st Year Alumni” for the Student Group.
      • Select “Korbel Grad Students: Current Students and 1st Year Alumni” if you’d like your position open to this student population.
    • Compensation: 
      • For positions funded by federal or state work study, please select “work study eligible”.
      • For positions funded by your department, please  select “hourly”.
      • Select both if your position is open to both funding sources.
    • Pay Rate: Pay rate and/or pay rate range must be included.
      • On-campus employers, consult human resources compensation ( for guidance.
      • Off-campus employers, consult with your internal human resources department for guidance.
    • Application Deadline: 
      • We recommend having a specific close date for applications.
      • If you’d like to reopen the same position later in the year, you are able to duplicated the closed description and reopen it.

Contact Student Employment at with any questions.