Recruit Student Employees: Post Positions, Review Applicants, and Hire

PCO is DU’s central internship and job board for students. It’s a one-stop shop and students will find student employment positions, internships, & full-time opportunities on the site. They can also make appointments with their career advisor and register for career & professional development events. This board is a great tool to advertise your positions, review applicants, and begin the hiring process before completing the hire in MyDU.

Create Your Account | Video Instructions

  1. If you have not created an account previously, go to the employer portal for PCO ( and select “sign up for an account” at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Enter your contact information, including:
    • Name, password (follow password requirements), address, country, city, postal code, your job title, phone number.
    • Employer
      • Use the following naming convention: “University of Denver – DU – name of your department/division”.
      • Example: “University of Denver – DU – Accounting Department.”
      • Department names will auto-populate, so if your department appears, please select the auto-populated department name rather than making a new one!
  3. Select “create account“. You will be emailed a verification code. Check both your primary inbox and your spam folder. Enter this code. Login into your account. Save the employer portal URL and your password.

Post Positions | Video Instructions

  1. After logging into the employer portal of PCO, click “Post a Job” on the homepage of PCO.
  2. Complete all required categories using the Job Posting Template

Duplicate Job Post | Video Instructions

Please do not reuse old job posts to collect new applicants in a new school year. Instead duplicate the post to save you time. It also helps clean up your post and starts your applicant pool back at zero.

  1. After logging into employer portal of PCO, find and click on the old, closed job posting.
  2. In the upper right corner, select the three dots shown. Select “Duplicate”.
  3. From there, select “Edit” and update the job posting to reflect any changes to the job.
  4. Submit for approval.

Review Applicants | Video Instructions

  1. Log into the employer portal of PCO and find your job posting by selecting “Job Board” on the left side of the screen.
  2. Type the Job Title in the search box to quickly locate your job and select job.
  3. Select “Applicants” (listed next to Job Posting in the middle of the screen).
  4. Review one resume at a time by selecting “Resume” under the Application column or review all resumes by downloading the Application Package.
    • Select the three dots toward the right side of the page, located next to results.
    • Select “Download All Application Packages“. In the “Share this Packet” field, enter all email addresses you’d like to share the applications with (example: hiring committee or small group).
  5. For positions that work-study funded only, review work-study eligibility in the Work-Study Offered column.
  6. Reach out to student candidates via email to schedule interviews.

Hire Students | Video Instructions

Once candidates have been interviewed and a final candidate is selected, offer the job to the candidate in writing (email is sufficient). Once the candidate has accepted, follow the steps in the Hiring Checklist.

Contact Student Employment at with any questions.