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Welcome to Student Employment at the University of Denver!

Our student employment program is created to offer meaningful learning and professional development opportunities. Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can find additional, detailed information on the Student Employee and Campus Employer pages.

If you have any questions at all, contact Student Employment at and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Funding Sources (ex. Work-Study, Stipends, External, etc.)

  • Is there a comprehensive guide for student employment somewhere? One that gives guidance on the entire process of being a student employee?
    There is! Check out our Student Employment Guidelines.
  • I’m a student and I’ve been told I have work-study funding. What does this mean?
    Work-study is a form of need-based financial aid that allows students to work on campus (or with an approved off-campus employer) to earn money to help pay for college expenses. Certain jobs in PCO will list work-study as the compensation type, and these positions are only open to students with a work-study award. The maximum amount you can earn throughout the 2021-22 academic year is the amount listed on your financial aid offer.
  • How much work-study funding do students have left? Can students get more?

    Supervisors can check work-study balances on Banner, specifically RZIWORK. Supervisors can reach out to Financial Aid with any questions. Students can also view their balances by lower right hand corner in the “Student” tab in PioneerWeb. The amounts reported are based on the last pay period posted.

    If a student employee will run out of funding, they can contact to inquire about the possibility of an addition to funding.

  • I’m a student and I don’t have work-study funding. May I apply for student employment positions?
    Yes, definitely. There are student employment positions that are open to both work-study and non-work study students. You will know if the position is open to both by reviewing the job description in PCO, the job and internship posting site for DU students. Look at the “compensation” field as well as the job description. If it does not state “work-study only” feel free to apply.


  • When can students start working on campus, and when do they need to stop?
    Non-work-study funded students can begin working on campus at any time during the year. Work-study funded positions can begin in July and must end by the last day of the spring quarter/semester. Students should be registered for the fall quarter before beginning to earn wages from their work-study award. A student with a work-study award is not permitted to work using work study funds after they have graduated. Students funded through work-study have specific start and stop dates for the academic year. GXAs also have specific start and stop dates that are associated with the academic year. F-1 and J-1 international students may not work on-campus after graduation unless they have received additional employment authorization from ISSS or the US government. Please check our important dates section to view specific dates and more in-depth information.
  • When will more jobs be posted to PCO, the internship & job database?
    Positions are posted in PCO, the internship & job database, year-round. There are, however, certain peak posting times for student employees, which include the beginning of fall and winter quarter as well as the end of spring quarter in June/July. Check PCO often and set-up an auto alert for new postings.
  • Do students have their resumes reviewed in PCO before they can apply for student employment jobs?
    Yes, we have staff who review all resumes uploaded in the system within one to two business days, including incoming first years. This process provides early access for professional feedback to new students to help them start preparing for their professional futures. Please allow at least 3 days before the application deadline for this step. Students will not be able to submit their full application until the resume has been reviewed and approved. Due to the expected volume of applications, we ask students do not wait until right before the deadline to apply as their resume could be delayed in the review process.
  • What if a student applicant won’t make the application deadline because of resume reviews?
    If a student applicant has trouble with the resume review process, they can contact Student Employment at for support.

The Hiring Process

  • Are students placed into specific jobs?
    No. Students must search and apply for a position. Students should be aware that they could interview with potential on-campus employers! Career & Professional Development can support students in this process by providing interview coaching appointments as well as mock interviews. If you are interested in this, you can make an appointment on PCO.
  • If supervisors are rehiring previous student employees, do they have to post the position?
    If the student employee is returning to the same position with the same duties, a posting is not necessary. All new positions or promotions must be posted. In addition, please note timecards become inactive after 120 days of no use.
  • Will supervisors receive notification of applications to their job posting via email? Or will I need to check the PCO portal for responses?
    In the “Applicant Notifications” section of the job listing, you can turn on settings that will either send the primary job contact an email notification each time a new applicant applies, and/or send an email notification with a link to the complete application packet when the posting closes.
  • I’m an off-campus employer (ex. community service work-study partner, childcare, camps, etc.)- what do I do?
    To post, follow these steps. Your position will be approved and be viewable by students in under 48 hours. Please contact with any questions.

Policies and Processes

  • How much can students be paid?
    Pay rate will be tied directly to the job and depends on the experience and skills required for the position. Pay rate should not be tied to work-study status. To promote greater pay equity across campus, we recommend all new positions follow the student employment pay rate scale.
  • How many jobs can students have?
    Students can only have one work-study funded position at a time. However, students may have more than one position if the additional positions are not funded through work-study. If a student has more than one position on campus the student and supervisor must be mindful of the number of hours the student is working total for all positions. In addition, students are not permitted to have a work-study position and a graduate teaching/research assistantship simultaneously in the same quarter.
  • How do I get my W-2 from working on campus?
    Students can access their W-2s on the employee tab of PioneerWeb. For detailed instructions, please consult this resource from Shared Services.
  • How do students get paid for their on-campus jobs?
    Most student employees are paid bi-weekly, although depending on the funding source, some student employees are paid monthly. All student employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. The online “Paycheck Direct Deposit” form is available under the Employee tab on PioneerWeb. For more detailed instructions, please see this resource from Shared Services. If you do not sign up for Direct Deposit, paychecks will be mailed to the address the University has on file for you (often your home address, not local address). If you have any troubles with this, you can contact Shared Services ( for help.

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