Student Employee Hiring Checklist

If you would like to hire a student employee but are new to the process, be sure to follow each step listed below.  Before completing these steps on your own, check with your department to see if there is an individual, most often a Business Officer, who is responsible for the these hiring duties. Students should not begin working until the entire hiring process has been completed.

Step 1. Obtain Access to Banner, HireRight & Pioneer Careers
Step 2. Post and Collect Applications from Students
Step 3. Verify Work-Study (for positions that require it)
Step 4. Submit Background Check
Step 5. Submit Hire Request
Step 6. Student to Complete Additional Paperwork & Training 
Step 7. Approve Time (both student employeee & supervisor)

Step 1. Obtain Access.

In order to effectively hire and manage a student employee, you’ll need Banner, HireRight, and Pioneer Careers access.

Banner Access: If you are new to Banner, request a new Banner login. You’ll also need to submit a request for access to the Human Resources/Payroll and Financial Aid modules.

HireRight Access: In order to submit a background check for a student employee, you’ll need access to HireRight. To obtain access, submit a support ticket (choose “Employment” and then “HireRight” from the drop-downs). You’ll receive an email with instructions for completing a short course and quiz through Canvas, and will receive another email with your credentials once your access has been approved.

Pioneer Careers Access: If you are new to DU or are posting a position for the first time, register for an account with Pioneer Careers.

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Sign up for an account” link below the log in button.
  • Enter your contact information and create a password.

Step 2. Post position and collect applications.

All student employees positions must be posted to Pioneer Careers. To support equity best practices, we encourage all supervisors to post new positions in Pioneer Careers, so all students have access to apply.  

To post a position, log into, click on the “Post a Job” link on your homepage and complete the job details section. Use the resources below to get you started.

Positions will be approved and available for students to view within 48 hours. If you have any questions, please email 

Step 3. For work-study funded positions, verify the student has work-study.

This step is for work-study funded positions and students only. Before submitting a hiring request, verify that your student has an accepted work-study award.

  • Log into Banner.
  • Enter RZIWORK in the search bar.
  • Type in the student’s ID number or search for the student’s name in the ID bar and press the Go button. (Be sure the appropriate aid year is listed.)
  • If you see a fund listed in the “Work Awards” section with a status of “A”, the student has work-study funding. If the fields are blank, the student does not have work-study or has not accepted it.
  • Screenshots are found here.

Contact Financial Aid with questions at

Step 4. Submit background check, if needed.

All students must pass a background check before they can be hired. To request a background check follow the guide provided through the HR Knowledge Base.

The student will receive an email instructing them to begin the background check, and you check the status at any time through your HireRight account.

Important note for current/returning students: A background check is not required for students who are currently employed by DU, or whose first day of employment in your position is less than 120 days from their last separation date.

Step 5. Submit the Hiring Request through PioneerWeb (once background check is cleared).

  • For non-work study funded student employees follow the Hiring Non-Benefited Staff steps.
  • For work study funded student employees, follow the same steps and select “work award hire” under Non-Benefited Hiring.
  • Once submitted, it will require approval from your Budget Officer and Financial Aid. Both the supervisor and student will receive an email when the hiring request has been approved.

Step 6. Ask student to complete additional required paperwork and training (after the hiring request is approved).

  • I-9 and W-4: Within three days of the student’s first day of work, they must contact Shared Services to complete an I-9. Please note students will only be able to access their W-4 after their official start date.
  • PioneerWeb Forms: Once hired, the student must complete the Confidentiality Statement and Patent Agreement through the Employee tab on PioneerWeb, where they can also set up direct deposit and enroll in electronic W-2s.
  • Training (found in Canvas) to include in the on-boarding process:

Step 7. Approve hours worked in PioneerTime.

Once hired, you’ll need to determine the work schedule with your student, who will log hours worked through PioneerTime. Students are paid every two weeks, and supervisors will need to approve timecards at the end of each biweekly pay period. Please note student employees are required to approve their timecards prior to the supervisor approving them.

Instructions and resources for using PioneerTime can be found on the Employee tab of PioneerWeb under “My Resources” and through Shared Services.

Contact Student Employment at with any questions about these hiring steps.

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Director, Student Employment Stacey Stevens