Senior-Level DU Employers Share Top 5 Qualities They Seek in New Hires



At this week’s Career Services Employer Advisory Board meeting, top executives from Medtronic/Covidien, Kaiser Permanente, Ball Aerospace, DISH Network, Fidelity Investments, Arrow Electronics, PADT, IMI-Precision, Follett, and the Colorado Non-Profit Association, shared tips for job and internship candidates.  Here is …

By Sue Hinkin
Sue Hinkin Executive Director of Career Services Sue Hinkin
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How Many Internships do Employers Expect?

How Many Internships do Employers Expect? thumbnail image

One of the best things you can do as a college student is to get an internship (or two!) before you graduate. Consider the following statistics:

50% of employers expect students to have TWO or more internships by the time …

By Heidi J. Perman
Heidi J. Perman Assistant Vice Chancellor, Career & Professional Development Heidi J. Perman
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Leveraging DU’s Clubs and Organizations for Professional Development

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How do you set yourself apart from other candidates? One of the biggest dilemmas with gaining a competitive advantage in the job and internship market is having a robust resume with transferable skills. It is not enough to simply graduate …

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An Archaeological Dig: Identify Your Motivated Skills for Career Choice

Do you know what motivates you and moves you? Does it matter whether you choose a career in which you feel totally engaged and in the flow—maybe where you lose track of time? Definitely! You are more likely to be …

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