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PCO Employer Toolkit

Post jobs and internships for DU students and alumni on our recruiting platform, PCO. If you are looking for help using PCO, the PCO Employer Toolkit can answer questions about your account and posting jobs and internships.

Sign Up & Login

To get started, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to https://du.12twenty.com/hire
  2. Returning user? Welcome back!
    • Use your existing “Email Address” and “Password” login combination.
    • Clicking the “Reset your Password” button will initiate a password reset email and will reset your password across all of your 12twenty recruiting portals.
  3. First time? Create a 12twenty account by clicking the “Sign up for an account” button.
    • Fill in the Account Creation form.
    • When entering your company name in the “Employer” field, suggestions may appear. If your company already exists in our system, select it from the options; otherwise, enter your organization’s official name.
    • Finish entering your data, agree to the “terms,” and click the “Create Account” button.
    • Once you have created your account, a verification code will be sent to the email address you provided.
    • Input the email verification code into the “Email Address Verification” pop up that appears to finalize the account creation process.
    • Note: This code is active for 1 hour from the time it hits your inbox. If you do not see the email after 10 minutes, check your spam folder.

Post an Internship or Job

  1. From the homepage click on the “Post a Job” button OR navigate to the “OCI and Job Listing” on the left-hand menu bar and click on the “Post a Job” button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Complete the form with all required information about your job opening.
    • Enter as much information about your open opportunity as possible to ensure it is promoted to the right-fit talent. 
    • Candidates often set up “job email alerts” based on their target industry, function, practice area, and location preferences. If your opportunity matches their preferences, it will be featured and promoted in the email alert.
    • Select your “Application Methods” and define your “Job Description”.
      • Apply via This Site – If this is set to Yes candidates will submit their applications through the platform. This allows you to login to the platform at the end of the application deadline to create a PDF packet of all the application documents collected through the system.
      • Apply via External Website – If this is set to Yes candidates will be able to apply via the website you desire. You can also provide an external URL and Job ID.
      • Apply via Email – If this is set to Yes candidates will be prompted to send their application materials directly to the email address you provide.
      • Apply via Fax / Postal Mail  – If this is set to Yes students will be able to send their application materials directly to a fax or Postal Address you provide.
    • Define your “Application Document Requirements”
      • By marking the checkbox, you will require the document to be submitted.
      • Click the X to remove a document from being requested.
    • Save time by clicking the “Use my Information” button in the “Primary Job Contact” box (if you are the main point of contact for the job opportunity.)
      • You can also make selected contact information “visible to students.” This isn’t required but can be valuable information for candidates applying for the job.
    • Eligibility: In this section, use the “Student Groups” filter to target the job opportunity to the right candidates.
  3. Once you “Submit” the job posting it will be sent to our administrative team for review and approval.
  4. While your job is in the approval que, complete your Company Profile to enhance your digital brand within the University of Denver. This will help attract top talent to job opening.
  5. If your posting is approved, you will be notified via email. From there, your job will be promoted to qualified candidates and applicants will be directed to submit their application materials according to your “Application Method” instructions.
  6. Your job is stored in our database, so you may edit the posting or repost an expired posting by clicking the “Action” button to “Duplicate” the job.
  7. If your Application Method was “Apply via This Site,” you can login to the system to review application documents by clicking on the “Applicants” tab of your job posting. Click to see each candidate’s resume OR “Download All Application Packages” by clicking on the 3 dots (ellipses action menu.)

Generate an Application Package

  1. Navigate to the “OCI and Job Listings” module and select the OCI listing you are reviewing applications for.
  2. On the “Applicants” tab of the OCI, you will see how many applications the OCI has received. Click on the 3 dots, ellipsis (Menu) icon to:
    • “Download All Application Packages” – Allows you to download a consolidated PDF file of application materials requested for all of the applicants.
    • “Export Applicant Data” – Allows you to download the applicant data into an Excel file.
  3. On the pop-up screen, you can define the “Packet Details” by selecting which documents to include and how you would like to generate the packet.
    • Document Packages – You can download one document at a time or create one, large PDF packet with ALL of the applicant files by checking the box next to the document you would like to include in your packet.
      • Please note that larger packages will take longer to download
    • Share – You can share the packet with your colleagues by entering their email address in the last field of the pop up window.

Search for Candidates

You can request access to use the Candidate Search tool to proactively search for DU’s talent that matches your hiring criteria. Once you have been granted access, you will be able to search through our database of available candidates based on their Profile and Primary Resume.

  1. First time user? From the homepage click on the “Candidate Search”  button and “Request Access” on the following page.
  2. Once your request is approved, you will receive an email confirming your access to the Candidate Search Database.
  3. Use the drop-down filters at the top of the Candidate Search tool to define your target candidate pool.
  4. Use the “keyword search” to pull all resumes that feature your desired words. 
  5. Click the “Action button” to “Download the Resumes” or to “Export” the list of candidates into an Excel document.
  6. From the list: You can also review individual resumes by clicking the three dots in the same column as the candidate’s name and selecting “View Resume” or “Download Resume”.