University of Denver Job Fairs

Tip Sheet for Employers

Before the Fair

Update Job Postings

  • Be sure the open jobs you’re promoting are up to date in PCO.

Bring Your Swag and Table Décor

  • Bring goodies, interactive activities, or other items to the fair. Feel free to decorate your table and giveaway swag to entice nervous students to chat with you.

Details to Know Prior to Your Arrival

  • Upon arrival, DU staff members will guide you to your table and give you a brief orientation to the building.
  • QR codes are provided at your table to complete a brief survey. Please complete this when you have downtime.
  • There is no dress code requirement for students. Many attend between classes or on their way to/from work or an athletic team practice. Student attendees may come in casual attire, business casual, or business professional. Try not to base your interest in an attendee on what they are wearing.
  • Although we encourage students to bring their resumes, they may not as electronic communication is often preferred. Be sure to give out your business card, information about your organization, and application information.

At the Fair

Know the Audience

  • Traditional: Students who are generally between 18-22 years old and who enroll directly from high school and attend full-time.
  • Non-Traditional: Generally defined by age (usually outside of the traditional college age range of 18-22) and life circumstances. Non-traditional students may be returning to college to advance their career, or may even be closer to retirement. Non-traditional students are returning to school after a period of time in the workforce, while others are entering college for the first time. Non-traditional students may be partnered or single, with or without children, and enrolled in college full or part time. Younger students with responsibilities of a family may also be considered nontraditional students.
  • International Students: Students who are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. International students have opportunities for work authorization that require no commitment of immigration sponsorship from an employer. In many cases, this can be between 12-36 months of full time employment with your organization.
  • Students with Multiple Identities: Our student population represents many intersecting identities including race, ethnicity, gender, sex, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, disabilities, national origin, age, and religious beliefs.
  • Alumni: Individuals who graduated from DU.

Interact with Candidates

  • Check out the Colorado Pipeline Report to learn about trends & recommendations.
  • There are many forms of greetings such as verbal, handshakes, waving hello, etc. Individuals will have various comfort levels involving physical contact. Please respect boundaries and consent.  
  • Provide the most positive candidate experience possible by:
    • Welcoming students to the table and expressing enthusiasm for their visit.
    • Speaking to all students regardless of major. A student’s major does not equate to career path.
    • Sharing information about your organization, position, and career skills the student will develop and how to apply.
    • Some students may not extensively research all employers attending the fair. The day of the fair is the best time to pitch your organization. Include what makes your organization unique compared to others and how students can benefit from working there.

Share Job Postings

  • Do not hire students on the spot. It’s a good development opportunity for students to experience a recruiting process and it’s more equitable!
  • Consider creating and bringing your own QR code linking to your website and open positions.

Stay the Entire Event

  • Plan to be in attendance for the entire time or bring a colleague and split the time.
  • Students will be coming and going throughout that time.

Take a Break

  • You’re doing a lot of work (so much talking!) so feel free to take a break when you need it in the Employer Lounge. We’ll have a beverages and treats for you to enjoy as well as a quiet spaces throughout the building.
  • We encourage you to have lunch before the fair starts. We some tasty on-campus dining options and Evans Street has many options.

After the Fair


  • Reconnect with the students you met at the fair, thanking them for their interest and linking your open positions for them to apply.
  • Let them know if they have any questions they can contact you.
  • Our staff will be in touch about the Resume Book opportunity for each organization at the event. This allows DU’s online students and those who have class during the fair to submit a resume for your consideration. We are highly encouraging students to attend in person and will not be sending campus-based students this option until after the fair. We will send you the book of submitted resumes the week after the event.

Complete the Post-Event Survey

  • Of course we have a post-event survey! We’ll email it to you after the event. Be sure to complete it because it helps us do our best work for you.