Faculty Career Champions

Did you know faculty can help you with career and graduate school advice?   Faculty are a huge part of DU students’ academic life.  Many students turn to faculty for advice on resume/CV’s, career paths, internship and research opportunities, graduate school advice and much more.  To acknowledge and recognize these faculty career advocates, Career & Professional Development has created the Faculty Career Champion Award.  At the end of each academic year, students are asked to nominate faculty who go above and beyond in supporting students’ career and professional development growth.  Hundreds of students nominate faculty each year and many faculty receive multiple nominations. We review all the nominees and select a few faculty who stand out among the other nominees.  DU Students can nominate faculty for the 2020-21 academic year here.

If students are needing career or graduate school advice, making an appointment to see a career advisor is always a good choice.  In addition, Career & Professional Development would like to share the most recent list of Faculty Career Champion nominations with students as this list is an additional resource for students as they begin to complete the Career Achievement Milestones.  Click here to view the 2020 Faculty Career Champion nominations listed by college.  DU students can reach out directly to faculty they may already know for career advice and guidance!

The announcements for the Faculty Career Champions from the past several years are listed below.

2020 Faculty Career Champions

2019 Faculty Career Champions

2018 Faculty Career Champions

2017 Faculty Career Champions