EON247 is an industry leader in new media, specializing in cutting-edge video technologies, along with creating and capturing live, native 4K content, simultaneous live HD streaming and live virtual reality experiences. Located in the epicenter of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, EON247 has  been able to create a “Hollywood-Sized” Studio Production Facility, self-contained within one of the largest live production facilities in the world.

We are equipped with multiple Red Epic Dragon Cameras, a complete broadcast operations center, and an established integrated fiber network throughout the DPAC, offering the most cost effective, convenient, and robust plug and play venue access and services for live production and streaming available.

Studios and stages include year-round access to three distinct large capacity venues ranging from 1800 to 2800 seats in the DPAC, (Buell, Boettcher, and Ellie), along with an on-site customizable 1500 square foot studio and 6 adjacent stages and theaters.

Broadcast capabilities include live HD interconnectivity via The Switch, allowing seamless satellite and event transmission of native 4K and simultaneous down-converted HD content from the Mile High City to anywhere in the world.

We are striving to build a community of filmmakers, artists, and collaborators in the Denver area by providing a production hub to expand the limits of new technologies, while creating a destination production place for all Denver media people  to experiment, play, and invigorate the entire production scene. We also take pride in providing our clients instant access to a global audience with the most advanced production technology available. Check out a complete list of our capabilities and let us know how we can help facilitate all your project needs.