Veterans: Networking Tips for the Summer


As a veteran you may face many challenges as you transition from active duty or reserve status back into civilian life. One way to reintegrate is to network and over the summer as there are many opportunities to  connect. The key to …

By Patricia Hickman
Patricia Hickman Director, Graduate Career & Professional Development Patricia Hickman
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Using Social Media to Get a Job in the Hospitality Industry

Using Social Media to Get a Job in the Hospitality Industry thumbnail image

In the year 1482, Leonardo da Vinci was looking for a job and documented his work history on a piece of paper for an employer he was pursuing. Handing in what is documented as being the first résumé in history, I am …

By Stephanie Van Cleve-DeHerrera
Stephanie Van Cleve-DeHerrera Assistant Director, Hospitality Career Services Stephanie Van Cleve-DeHerrera
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DU Alumni Visit Campus to Discuss Sustainability!

DU Alumni Visit Campus to Discuss Sustainability! thumbnail image

On April 18, three DU alumni from Environmental Science and Geography visited campus to discuss careers in sustainability. Students from a number of different majors at DU joined us to celebrate Earth Month and learn more about the field!

When …

By Kimberly English
Kimberly English Career Advisor Kimberly English
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How Will the Internet of Things Affect your Job Prospects?


In recent years the internet has become central to our lives, both personally and professionally. As technology continues to develop, the internet is expanding beyond the web, and into other aspects of our lives.

This is the ‘Internet of Things’ …

By Morgan Franklin
Morgan Franklin Profile Picture
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Find Your Earning Potential with LinkedIn Salary

Find Your Earning Potential with LinkedIn Salary thumbnail image

LinkedIn Salary is a tool that provides detailed breakdowns of salary by job title and location.

LinkedIn Salary is free average salary comparison tool to help users understand the various attributes that impact pay, so they can make more informed …

By Hilary Sehring
Hilary Sehring
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The Best 6 Website Builders to Create a Clean Online Portfolio


These days, it is extremely important to have an online portfolio if you really want to be taken seriously as a professional. Don’t worry, it’s not overly difficult to create an online portfolio, especially if you use a good website …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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Securing a Federal Government Job!


It’s that time of year when graduating college students are seeking that ever-elusive first job, which is time-consuming and stressful. This is especially true for students exclusively looking for jobs with the federal government. Crafting a federal resume and searching …

By Andrew Gupton
Andrew Gupton Career Advisor Andrew Gupton
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How to become an economist


An economist analyzes data on economics and research trends by studying the delivery of services, products, and resources. Some economist works in corporations, firms, and tanks while others work as teachers. They use several resources to track and predicts the …

By harshith kulal
harshith kulal Profile Picture
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Interested in Tech? Attend Tech303 on May 10th!

Technology in the hands

Denver is known for being a top city for business and career growth, especially over the past five years, and this won’t be changing any time soon. Our region is a global hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and technology is …

By Toni Phelan
Toni Phelan Assistant Director, Daniels Undergraduate Career Services Toni Phelan
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Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn’s ProFinder

Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn’s ProFinder thumbnail image

Interested in entrepreneurship? LinkedIn ProFinder connects top quality freelance or independent professionals with new clients and leads.

The ProFinder Marketplace consists of over 70,000 vetted professionals

Getting Started

Having a complete profile is the most important piece to getting …

By Hilary Sehring
Hilary Sehring
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