Learn & Play at Career Carnival!


Visit our first ever Career Carnival to meet career staff in a fun atmosphere! At this event, Career Advisors will help students set up their Pioneer Careers accounts and teach students about the new career milestones for each year during …

By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Executive Director, Career & Professional Development Heidi Perman
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4 Things You Need to Know to be Totally Future-Proof at Work


We’re all guilty of having those little panics when we worry if we’ve chosen the right career direction. It’s tough to know exactly what you want to do once your time at college is up, I mean, what if you …

By Indiana West
Indiana West
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Passion. Holy Cannoli! What is this thing called passion!?


Recently, I was making a 17-mile trek across Arvada when our guide brought us to a halt, stretched out his hand and presented us with a brown paper bag. Within this seemingly innocuous container was a collection of several pieces …

By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Assistant Director of Career & Professional Development Carolyn Sommers
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Understand Your Professional Self with a Personality Assessment

MBTI Types

Though our preferences and predilections can change over time, fundamentally we remain the same. We like certain things, are drawn to certain types of people and situations and make decisions in characteristic ways. But have you ever wondered why you …

By Grace Goodman
Grace Goodman Assistant Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development Grace Goodman
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Knock, Knock….


Did you know that Career & Professional Development has current students trained as Career Peer Advisors?  We have a team of undergraduate and graduate students who can help you with all of your resume, cover letter, and job or internship …

By Rebecca Damas
Rebecca Damas Assistant Director, Internship and Career Advisor Rebecca Damas
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Using Social Media as an Effective Job Search Tool

Job Search Human Resources Recruitment Career Concept

You have finally graduated, and it’s time to get out there into the real world and begin your career. So, you need to start using all of the job search tools that are available at your disposal. Did you know …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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4 Ways Life Changes After College!


For the privileged and lucky ones who get to pursue a college education, college life can be a magical bubble. The dynamics, lifestyle, and nuances of college life are starkly different from that of real life. While some skills learned …

By Yashmita kavni
Yashmita kavni Yashmita kavni
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Consider the internet revolution when choosing a career

Consider the internet revolution when choosing a career thumbnail image

Some people know what they want to do with their lives almost from the time they are able to walk and talk, while other may drift around between jobs for years before they finally find their calling and sadly some …

By Morgan Franklin
Morgan Franklin
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How to Juggle Both Work and Family

How to Juggle Both Work and Family thumbnail image

Many working parents struggle with the equally important responsibilities of raising a family and providing for them. There is a fundamental need—and for many parents, a real want and desire—to work. However, many simultaneously feel a pull towards home and …

By Grace Goodman
Grace Goodman Assistant Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development Grace Goodman
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Why ‘perceived value’ is key for graduate businesses


One of the very few blanket statements we can confidently make about customers of almost any company is that they’re all looking to receive value from their purchase or investment. For anyone starting up a new graduate business, failing to …

By Sam Butterworth
Sam Butterworth
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