Using AI in your Career Search: Interview Preparation

You’ve been selected for an interview – congratulations! There are a number of tools you can use to get real-time feedback to help you prepare. One way that you can prepare for interview questions is with ChatGPT. You can use Chat GPT to help you come up with interview questions first. Then you can use it to help come up with answers. If you prompt ChatGPT for tips on how you could answer an interview question like, “What type of management style do you prefer in a supervisor?” the algorithm will then produce some samples and strategies to help you answer the question well. Just like with using AI for cover letters, there is a risk of the answers being general and impersonal. You should also use our resources for prep on Korbel Careers, specifically on the S.T.A.R. format, that can help you to craft thoughtful responses to the different questions you could be asked.

Another AI tool that’s great for interview prep is LinkedIn’s interview prep tool. The page has a series of common interview questions that you can provide an answer for and receive immediate AI-powered feedback, or you can privately request feedback from your connections. As you work with AI to prepare for an interview it is essential that you utilize your own experiences and let your genuine personality show through when formulating responses. Interviewing is still about building a connection between you and the interviewer(s)! While AI can be very useful for some prep tasks, don’t forget about the personal element! 

By Korbel Careers
Korbel Careers