On-Boarding Checklist for Student Employees

Follow the checklist below to successfully on-board your student employee(s).

Prior to First Day

  • Create training & 1:1 meeting plan for the quarter.
  • Schedule time to greet student and complete first day agenda items.
  • Send the New Hire Survey via email. In this email, include student employee information regarding the first day such as what time to start, where to go, what to bring, and what to expect.
  • Set-up access or prepare access forms (if applicable – Banner request, department copier code, etc.)
  • Prepare the work area/desk.
  • Place a welcome note from the department on the student’s work area/desk.

First Day

  • Check with student on the completion of new hire paperwork with Human Resources (I-9 form and W-4 form), as well as PioneerWeb action items (confidentiality agreement, etc).
  • Send a welcome email to the unit.
  • Provide a unit overview, organization chart, a copy of the job description and the Performance Review Form.
  • Review job responsibilities, expectations and who to go for help/information. Include review pay rate, timesheet and pay cycles.
  • Discuss schedule, office hours, calling in sick and other procedure expectations.
  • Provide training & 1:1 meeting plan for the quarter.
  • Check-in at end of day.

First Week & Beyond

  • Ask student to complete Student Employee Orientation via Canvas as well as Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training (directly emailed to them within the first 3 months of hire). Additional trainings to include is FERPA and Active Shooter Preparedness via Canvas.
  • Ask student to review the Student Employee & Supervisor Guidelines and work-study student handbook (if app).
  • Schedule consistent 1:1 meetings (30 min – 1 hour), either once a week or bi-weekly. Use Career Skills & GROW®
  • Provide training related to equipment or processes student may use (outlined in training plan provided on First Day).
  • Include student employee in department meetings and celebrations as appropriate.
  • If student is work-study funded, monitor student employee work award hours and earnings (RZIWORK).
  • Complete informal Performance Check-In at the end of the quarter to recap work, accomplishments and development opportunities so far.
  • Complete annual Performance Evaluation and include GROW® Questions.

Questions? Reach out to Student Employment (stuemp@du.edu).

By Stacey Stevens
Stacey Stevens Director, Student Employment Stacey Stevens