Career Resources for Female Identifying Folks

The job search process can be exhausting. Everything from updating your resume to negotiating your salary takes work, and that is all before the job starts! There can be even more barriers for women as they enter male dominated fields or push against the gender pay gap. There can be even more barriers for individuals with intersecting identities that are often disadvantaged in our society. This post focuses on resources for women, but I think it can be helpful to anyone who is looking for a job—especially when they may have a tough road ahead. As I have gone through my own job search I find that I am always working to educate myself, advocate for myself, and connect to other women around me. Below are some tips, resources, and encouragement as you prepare for, engage in, or wrap up a change in your career.


The first part of any job search is knowing your worth. This means thinking about what skills and experience you have, planning where you want to go, and researching what others in the field are doing and the salaries they are making. Make sure to highlight the skills and experience you have in a resume, portfolio, or cover letter. It is important to use action words, quantify your impact and elevate how you can take that into future opportunities. Do not be afraid to talk about yourself! Another important piece of the job search is knowing where you want to go and seeking out opportunities that will help you get there. There are sites out there such as which helps you evaluate companies as well as researching what people in those positions are making. also offers some resources such as their gender pay gap guide to help you at this stage.


The  next step in your job search is creating your brand. This is how you can highlight job experience, academic skills, passions, personality, and the things you value for yourself and the work you do. This brand can come through in many different ways such as resumes, portfolios, cover letters, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media platforms, a website, or even in your elevator pitch and interview! Ladies Get Paid and Squarespace teamed up to help women get started or improve their brand. You can access this helpful guide and webinar here.


While it is always great to have a boss or mentor that can be a champion for you, we often have to advocate for ourselves to get the job, pay, or benefits that we want in a career. Luckily, there are many websites out there to help you with this process! Places such as and provide lots of resources. Also, the career and professional development office at DU has advisors ready to meet with you and give you tips on how to present your best self!


Having a support system as you go through this process is important. Whether that is classmates, mentors, or an online community it is important you are not alone and not the first to go through this. Below are links to some online, women focused, career websites that may be helpful to you!



Throughout this process there will be little wins, setbacks, possibly rejections, and hopefully big accomplishments! It is important to celebrate all the milestones to help keep the motivation up. Celebrate with your community or take time to focus on yourself. This can be a long process but in the end it will pay off!

By Emma Spalding
Emma Spalding