Avoiding Scams

When beginning your job or internship search it’s important to become aware of the different fraudulent posting’s out there. While the University of Denver makes every attempt to block these postings it’s still possible to run into one. Here are some things to look out for so you can protect yourself against these scams.

Things to Look Out For

  • On job posting, email that’s provided does not connect back to the company name
  • Asked to pay upfront fees, provide logins, passwords, personal documents, sensitive information, Social Security Number, or bank account information
  • Job description or the company website is either poorly written and developed or not present at all
  • Company seems heavily monetary focused and salary sounds too good to be true
  • Offer job without interviewing you first

How to Avoid Being Scammed

  • Do your research! Look at the company website and job description closely to look for any red flags
  • If you’re suspicious that you may be getting scammed type in google “company name scam” to see if they have a past history of fraudulent behavior
  • Make sure the job description has job responsibilities and qualifications listed

What to Do if You Do Get Scammed

  • If you found the job on Pioneer Career’s, inform the Career and Professional Development Office immediately by emailing hire@du.edu
  • If you shared your bank or credit card information, contact these organizations quickly in order to possibly close your accounts
  • Depending on severity, contact law enforcement to file a police report
By Kayla King
Kayla King