Trends In Networking: Expanding Your Mindset

Many of us tend to think of networking as only something that you do at events that are labeled “networking events.” This is one view of networking, but it is actually much more. The trend in networking is to expand your thinking and consider networking as something that you do on a day-to-day basis. Here are 5 suggestions for expanding your mindset:

    • Sit next to someone you don’t know in one of your classes or at a meeting. Introduce yourself and start a conversation. That’s networking!
    •  Join a club or organization there are many at DU! How about the kayaking or the tango club? This is a great way to meet new people and to network!
    •  Volunteer for a cause that interests you. Check out Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning (CCESL) for ideas. This is networking!
    •  Connect with DU alumni and learn about their careers.  This is a great way to get personal advice ideas for professional development and career insight.  Join the DU alumni community on Pioneer Connect. This is another way to expand your network!
    •  Send an email or connect on LinkedIn to someone who you met at a conference or professional event. Update them on what you have been doing professionally. Staying in touch with those you have met is networking!

By expanding your views about networking you will start to build meaningful relationships and connections. Networking is not just about going to scheduled networking events, it is a lot more. It’s an effective way learn more from your community, your fellow students and alumni!

For more ideas about networking, schedule to meet with a career advisor at  Pioneer Careers (see Appointments).

By Patty Hickman
Patty Hickman Director, Serves Graduate Students