LinkedIn Summary Made Easy

Your LinkedIn profile should always include a summary! This is the first thing on your profile and is extremely important as you build your network. It is your digital first impression. Your summary should allow your true, professional self to stand out to employers and potential connections. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Your summary can be written in the first or third person, but is most commonly written in the first person.
  • Be sure your summary is 40 words or more.
  • Include a bit of information about key roles in your past professional and work experience, and things you are involved in on-campus or in the community.
  • Add your values, any specialized skills, and innate talents you possess.
  • If you have any awards or accomplishments related to your academic career or intended professional field, mention them.
  • Include a sentence or two about what you are aspiring to do in the future.
  • Double and triple-check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Ensure the writing style reflects your personality!

It may help you to look at professionals with jobs you find interesting,or at companies you aspire to join. Notice the information they have included in their summary and perhaps model yours after theirs (with your own information, of course!).

Be sure to ask for feedback on your summary from professors and your career advisors. Make an appointment with Daniels Career Services through the Student Tab on Pioneer Web, or call 303-871-3911.

jpgBy: Toni (Gabrielli) Phelan, Assistant Director and Undergraduate Career Coach

By Ronie Kononova
Ronie Kononova Student Marketing Assistant