Networking?!? I Would Rather Give Up Chocolate Forever

Many people would rather give up a favorite thing in their life than spend time networking. Reports vary, but it is commonly noted that around 80% of all jobs are acquired through networking. Once you are employed, the networking continues. Now is the time to change your perspective about what it means to network.  I turned to Candid Career’s vast video library to provide various perspectives across industries on how to build your network.

Human Resources Specialist- “Don’t be afraid to talk to people”

HR spec

President, Professional Basketball Team- “Give as much as you get”

Give as much as you get1

Director of Governance & External Relations, American College of Cardiology- “Networking for introverts”

Networking for introverts

Internet Entrepreneur and CEO, “Meet a new person everyday”

Meet a new person each day

So, get out there!  Start with people you know, join the University of Denver Alumni LinkedIn Group and DU’s AlumniFire (students- you can join both, too) as entry points for growing your network.  Put your fear aside, introduce yourself to someone everyday, give of yourself and know that even the most introverted among us can be successful at networking, too.


Mary MichaelMary Michael has worked in the Career Center for 20 years holding several positions including the Director for the past 12 years, Internship Director and Career Advisor for Daniels undergrads.  Mary Michael has helped thousands of traditional and non-traditional students and alumni to seek out their passions, strengths and resources to help her clients manage their careers throughout their lifespan.

By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Senior Director, Undergraduate Career & Professional Development