Preparation Matters: 5 Steps to Interview Success

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Interviewing is a skill and preparation is what will help you to stand out. Here are 5 techniques to get ready!

  •  KNOW YOURSELF: Be ready to discuss your key strengths and abilities that make you the best candidate for the position. Review the job description to know which of your skills to focus on; it does not impress the interviewer when you randomly discuss your talents.
  • RESEARCH: Go to the website so that you can learn about the company and the position including its services and history. Also, review their mission/values in order to learn what makes the company unique.
  • ALUMNI: Contact alumni that work in the company or the industry. They will be able to provide information about their experience and the company culture. To find alumni go to LinkedIn.
  • PRACTICE COMMON/BEHAVIORAL QUESTIONS: Google “common interview questions” and “behavioral interview questions.” Practice with a friend or schedule a mock interview with a Career Advisor by calling 303.871. 2150.  Also, use Big Interview our online practice tool.
  • REVIEW YOUR RESUME: Be ready to discuss AND give relevant examples for experiences listed on your resume.

These 5 interview strategies will help you to stand out at your next interview!

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Patty Hickman   Author: Patty Hickman, Career Counselor at University of Denver Career Center

By Patty Hickman
Patty Hickman Director, Serves Graduate Students