Leveraging DU’s Clubs and Organizations for Professional Development

How do you set yourself apart from other candidates? One of the biggest dilemmas with gaining a competitive advantage in the job and internship market is having a robust resume with transferable skills. It is not enough to simply graduate with your degree and expect to land that dream job. There are many benefits to expanding your scope of the college experience beyond the classroom by getting involved in extracurricular activities. Not only do you create opportunities to build friendships across campus, but you begin the vital process of cultivating relationships to professors, staff and classmates with whom you can collaborate to achieve common goals.

Such experiences teach you the art of networking, teamwork and fundamental communication skills, along with planning, organization and problem-solving, just to name a few. These skills will translate well into future careers, helping you prepare for roles in a variety of industries and leadership positions. Whether you’re looking to gain experience in social media or marketing, or want to develop skills in creating budgets or mobilizing a team toward a particular objective, DU has several clubs and organizations that will hone your professional and personal development
Connecting with Student Activities at DU is a strategic and effective way to explore your interests, leverage your strengths and test-drive different roles, while building your resume. Read more about how to use your involvement in Greek Life or campus leadership positions to land your next job.

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There are over 130 clubs and organizations for which to get involved. If you don’t find an organization that gives outlet to your interests or meets your goals of building a certain skill, then invoke your entrepreneurial spirit and start your own club and organization. Speak with a staff member from Student Activities to learn how. And, in the meantime, check out the variety of student organizations through Student Life and other ways to get involved on campus via the Student Activities Guidebook on the Pioneer Life App to keep a pulse on DU activities, clubs and organizations.

Student Activities
Location: Driscoll Center North
Email: orgsupport@du.edu
Phone: 303.871.3111
Contact: Jill Duffy, Assistant Director of Student Activities

By Carolyn Sommers