Great Jobs to Consider If You Have Good Communication Skills

Do you have a knack for talking? Are you able to get your points across in an effective and comprehensive manner that allows you to effortlessly describe concepts and ideas, regardless of who’s on the receiving end? If so, then you might be perfectly suited for jobs which require a high-level of communication.

Not sure where to begin or what’s on offer? Here are some of the best jobs you can have as an individual with excellent communication skills.

A Lawyer

Being able to describe concepts and ideas is perhaps the most important aspect of becoming a lawyer and one of the most important careers in this day and age. There are hundreds of cases held in a court of law around the world every single day, each requiring a lawyer to stand up on their behalf. Great communication skills are essential here.

Pay Range – $100K or above a year (depending on experience)

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Content Writing

Content writing is one of the fastest and most profitable industries in the world right now and having excellent communication is a key to your success. Whether you’re writing blogs or articles, you need a firm grasp on the English language and being able to explain a collection of ideas and concepts to readers from around the world.

Pay Range – $5 – $50 per hour

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Radio Jockey

Have you ever thought about how clear and defined your voice is? Are you able to maintain composure while under pressure and feel confident talking in front of potentially thousands of people? If so, a job as a radio jockey/DJ could be ideal for you. If you’re fun to listen to and can engage your readers, this can be perfect.

Pay Range – $20K and above

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Social Media Manager

Social media is such an important part of our everyday lives and, as a business, representing yourself in the best way possible in the eyes of your customers is essential. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many companies are turning to independent people who can manage their social media presence for them. If you’ve got intensive experience on social media, and know how to communicate a message effectively, this could be the ideal job for you.

Pay Range – Averages $51K per year

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Online Tutoring

If you specialise in a certain subject, have teaching experience or simply extremely knowledgeable about a certain subject, why not impart your wisdom to people who want to learn about it? Online tutoring is a huge business right now since you can connect with students around the world using free platforms and then get paid by the hour.

Pay Range – $10 – $60 per hour (depending on experience)

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Writing Consultation

If you’ve got a knack for writing, but writing blogs and articles don’t appeal to you, why not use your skills to share your knowledge with other people around the world. Whether you’re teaching other bloggers, students, or people who simply want to improve their writing styles, you can analysis somebody’s work and give them tips to improve.

Pay Range – $10 – $40 per hour

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As you can see, there is such a diverse number of different job types you can apply for if you have great communication skills. Since there is such diversity, be sure to research each role to ensure that it’s suited to you and you’ll be sure to find your dream job in no time at all.

By Brenda Berg
Brenda Berg