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Meet and Greet with DU’s Regional Engagement Team (Recording)

Did you know that DU has full-time staff in our largest markets across the country here to serve you when …

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Pre-Law Zoom Panel featuring a Legal “Dream Team” (Webinar Recording)

Learn about a day in the life of an attorney or judge and how to get there! This “dream team” …

Pioneer Careers Online: Using the Research Tools and Outcomes Modules

Informational video about how to use Pioneer Careers Online research and outcome tools (5:19)

5 Tips for Success in Interviewing

Informational video about how to develop strong interview skills (8:51)

Writing a CV

Informational video about how to write a curriculum vitae or CV (4:20)

Cover Letters 101

How is a cover letter different from a resume? Do you have to write a new one for each job/internship? …

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Video: Company Culture Match – Advice from the Starry Recruiting Team

Interested in gaining insight into what employers think about finding the right culture match with a company during your job …

Video: How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover letters connect the dots of your resume! Learn the basics to writing a cover letter during this three-minute video.

Video: Writing an Interview Thank You

Do you know how to write a genuine and compelling interview thank you? In this video you will learn the …