Leadership Development

Leadership programs for professionals.

Supervising Up

As a student employee, you’re not just being supervised by your boss—you can also play an active role in that …

Professionalism & Authenticity

Standards for professional conduct, appearance, and communications in the workplace are usually different from everyday interactions. They are also informed …

Effective Team Management

Learn practical ways to overcome common obstacles that can paralyze a team and team members from reaching their full potential.

Demystifying Leadership: Transform Effective Management into Extraordinary Leadership

Learn to see people differently and better than they see themselves, to inspire them to be more than they are …

Resilience and Renewal in Hard Times

Hear actionable tips on how to stay sane and strong as well as practices for personal resilience and self-care during …

Korbel MA Students: Cover Letters

Check out this video for a quick overview on writing a Cover Letter.

How to Successfully Go from Individual Contributor to Manager

Learn how to define your management style and create a roadmap to learn your way into leadership.

Taking Ownership of Your Career in the New Year

Don’t let your career happen to you. Learn how to take the driver’s seat and design your own career path.