Interview Prep

Learn how to interview well in all types of interview formats.

Korbel MA Students: Informational Interviews Introduction

What are informational interviews and why should you do them? After watching this short introduction, please view our Informational Interviewing …

Demystifying Your Application Documents: Resumes and Cover Letters

Debunk myths and learn to put together application documents that play well to your audience.

Storytelling for the Job Search: Is Your Personal Narrative a Boost or a Boulder

Walk through how telling your story in an empowered way can determine how you show up, how you are perceived, …

Korbel MA Students: S.T.A.R. Method

Watch this 1-minute video to get an introduction to the S.T.A.R. method for resumes, cover letters, and interviews, and learn …

Strategic Marketing Essentials for Non-Marketing Professionals

This webinar is a primer on marketing language and basics that will aid non-marketing professionals in understanding and implementing current …

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The Art of the Interview: How to Tell Your Story

Learn the art of interviewing through storytelling. This session will help you articulate your background and accomplishments through self-reflection in …

Effective Interview Strategies

During this webinar, you will learn how to best showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the position you’re …

5 Tips for Success in Interviewing

Informational video about how to develop strong interview skills (8:51)