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Federal Hiring

The federal hiring system is completely different from most.  Learn about the USAJOBS system to help demystify and explain different hiring authorities and the very different resume style often required to be competitive for positions.

Advanced Interview Strategies for Graduate Students and Alumni

Learn how to best showcase your experience, knowledge, and abilities relevant to the position you’re interviewing for, with a special focus on showcasing the transferability of your graduate and previous career experiences.

Salary Negotiation

Learn how to prepare for salary negotiation, when to negotiate salary, the key steps to salary negotiation, impact of Colorado's Equal Pay for Equal Work and how to accept or reject an offer.

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Uploading Resumes and Applying on PCO

To apply for positions on PCO, you’ll need to have a resume uploaded and approved. In this brief video, we’ll …

How to Find Student Employment Positions on PCO

If you’re looking for student employment at DU, you’ll need to use PCO, the main job and internship platform for …

Supervising Up

As a student employee, you’re not just being supervised by your boss—you can also play an active role in that …

Working Remotely and Staying Organized

Working remotely and virtually is new to many of us. This brief 30-min session will deliver tools and strategies to …

Students’ Rights as Employees

Presented by the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX. Learn about your rights and responsibilities after you’ve been hired. …