Korbel MA Students: Informational Interviews Introduction

What are informational interviews and why should you do them? After watching this short introduction, please view our Informational Interviewing Guide for Korbel MA students in the resources for more information about how to actually conduct them.

Korbel MA Students: Informational Interviewing Guide

Informational interviewing is a powerful way to build your network and learn more about the field.

Video: Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviews are a great way to learn if a career field, employer, graduate program, or other opportunity is the right fit for you. It is also an effective way to make connections, especially within the DU community, that have …

Making the Most of Informational Interviews

Informational video about how to maximize the benefits from an Informational Interview

Ease Into Networking Through Informational Interviews

We hear and read about it all the time…you must network for career success! But, many people are overwhelmed with the idea of networking and are not sure where to start. Informational interviewing allows a conversation to happen, usually 1-on-1, …

4 Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Setting Up Informational Interviews

If you’re looking for a job, odds are you’ve heard you should set up some informational interviews. (Refresher: They’re the coffee meetings you go on with networking contacts to get an insider perspective on their industry or role.) You know …

5 Tips for Success in Interviewing

Informational video about how to develop strong interview skills (8:51)

Prepping for an interview – don’t forget to research the company!

Preparing ahead of time can make or break an interview.  Many people spend all of their time preparing their answers about themselves and their experience and do little company research.  Don’t make this mistake!  You need to know the company …

Josef Korbel School of International Studies – Graduate Students

Welcome Korbel Graduate Students and Alumni! The Josef Korbel School Office of Career and Professional Development envisions that graduates will develop the life-long skills needed to define and realize their career goals, gain practical experience, and will stay connected to …

6 Ways to Build Up Your Resume When You Can’t Afford to Do an Unpaid Internship

Depending on your course of study or interest, you may also be able to land part-time employment on campus with faculty or administrators. Read more »