Versatile PhD

A great resource for masters and doctoral-level students or alumni exploring non-academic careers.

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The Versatile PhD is a web-based resource that you can access 24/7. It is convenient and completely confidential.

Only registered members may read or post, and you are in control of your profile. The services include:

  • a thriving and supportive Web-based community, allowing you to participate in discussions and network with actual “Versatile PhDs” (PhDs, ABDs, MAs outside the academy);
  • a collection of compelling first-person narratives written by PhDs, describing how they established their non-academic careers;
  • successful CV-to-resume conversions that resulted in a PhD, ABD or MA student in humanities or social science getting hired into his or her first non-academic position; and
  • archived panel discussions where PhDs work in a given non-academic field, describe their jobs, and answer questions from members.

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