Graduate Student Resources

Easy Guide to Hiring Foreign Graduates (Korbel MA Students)

From immigration attorney Mark Rhoads’ 2023 presentation

Work Visa Options for International Students (Korbel MA Students)

From immigration attorney Mark Rhoad’s 2023 presentation.

Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) Special Agent panel (Korbel MA Students)

Hear responses from three Diplomatic Security agents at distinct career stages- entry-level, mid-level, and senior level- to gain diverse perspectives …

Career and Professional Development Annual Report 2023
State Department Opportunities (Korbel MA Students)

The State Department has been hosting a multitude of info sessions on opportunities for different constituencies.

Screen Reader Accessible Resume Toolkit (Korbel MA Students)

Click here to access examples of resumes that are screen reader accessible.

How to Upload Your Resume to PCO

Use our Resume Basics guide and sample as you create your resume. In addition, if you are a first-year student, …

Multilateral Jobs and Internships (Korbel MA Students)

A document detailing job and internship opportunities with various multilateral organizations.

Careers at IFC World Bank (Korbel MA Students)

Informational slideshow on careers at the IFC World Bank