Job Posting Limitations

  • Telemarketing and/or commission-based employment should be excluded from the database
  • Third party recruiting agencies will be approved on an individual basis and should contact our team to discuss before registering
  • Jobs that require payment of any sort will not be approved to the database

The University of Denver and many of its students are recipients of federal funding. To avoid a conflict in federal laws, and to protect our students and university from potential exposure to federal prosecution by association, the University of Denver career centers are unable to approve employers, job postings, or participate in any other external engagement involved with the development, production, testing, distribution, or use of recreational or medical marijuana or other federally illegal substances. Jobs related to governmental compliance are eligible to utilize career services and post to the Pioneer Careers database.

Employers that are involved in hemp production or research may be eligible to utilize career services if they can provide 1) evidence that they are registered with the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture AND 2) Information regarding the THC levels of the products they are selling.