Josef Korbel School of International Studies - Graduate Students Resources


A resource for job and internship opportunities all around the world and has an H1B database of employers looking to …

State Department Opportunities (Korbel MA Students)

The State Department has been hosting a multitude of info sessions on opportunities for different constituencies.

Screen Reader Accessible Resume Toolkit (Korbel MA Students)

Click here to access examples of resumes that are screen reader accessible.

Multilateral Jobs and Internships (Korbel MA Students)

A document detailing job and internship opportunities with various multilateral organizations.

Careers at IFC World Bank (Korbel MA Students)

Informational slideshow on careers at the IFC World Bank

See Where Korbel Students Intern (Korbel MA Students)

Database of all registered internships 2003 – present

Internship Data 2020-2023 (Korbel MA Students)

Internship data for Korbel students from 2020-2023, including degree program, sector, compensation, region, etc.

Introduction to the 2023 United Nations Young Professional Programme (Korbel MA Students)

Video with information regarding the 2023 UN Young Professional Programme

ExcelMojo (Korbel MA Students)

Learn and Master Microsoft Excel with 200+ free articles, step by step guides, all about formulas & functions, self-study resources …