NADSAA at HDI Homeland Defense Awareness Symposium

As the world watches Ukrainians defend their Homeland from Russia, many Americans continue assuming we don’t need to worry about an adversary damaging and disrupting our way of life. However, the sense of security that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans once provided is slipping away in the digital age. Hyper-connectivity and advanced technologies have made it cheap, easy, and fast to collect data and attack the American way of life with precision. Adversaries can now use the cyber and space domains to target critical infrastructure in a way that just wasn’t possible in the Cold War, not to mention being able to target specific individuals. Furthermore, advances in hypersonic weapons, AI, and drones, will challenge traditional notions of how to defend the Homeland. Already, we’ve seen specific adversarial information shaping operations that have influenced elections, caused riots, and amplified societal divisions. This “New Battlespace” is being exploited by enemies that seek to weaken American power by undermining all instruments of US power – all without having to fire a shot.

The Homeland Defense Institute (HDI), a joint collaborative think-tank between USAFA and NORAD/NORTHCOM (N&NC), welcomes you to learn about the various “Wicked Problems” facing our nation, and the challenges that the DoD and other agencies face in trying to defend the Homeland. In collaboration with North American Defense and Security Academic Alliance (NADSAA), HDI aims to develop actionable policy solutions and strategies in context of emerging non-traditional threats and a need to focus on resilience.

Numerous subject matter experts from academia, DoD, government agencies, and others sectors with an interest in Homeland Defense, will come together 13-14 July 2022 in Colorado Springs. Keynote speeches may include: Mr. Miller (N&NC J7 Director), General Glen VanHerck (N&NC Commander), General Dan Hokanson (Chief of NGB), Ret. Lt General Jeff Buchanan (former US Army North Commander), and other distinguished experts.

Expected American Homeland Defense themes include: Emerging Threats and Perceptions, Defense Planning, Information Operations and Security in the Arctic and Mexico/Caribbean, NORAD Modernization, Women, Peace and Security, Conventional and Nonconventional Deterrence, and Civil Defense and Resiliency.

Join us! Our intellectual discussion is meant to ensure there is never another “Failure of Imagination.”

R.s.v.p. by 30 June 2022
POC: Lt Col Jahara Matisek
Military: Duty Uniform
Civilian: Business Casual


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