Business of Baseball Day at Coors Field

Business of Baseball Day at Coors Field

September 18, 2019



  • Jerry Schemmel (Emcee) – Broadcaster, KOA Radio
  • Marty DeRosier – Coordinator, Ballpark Services & Events
  • Reuben Donnelly – Supervisor, Group Sales
  • Paul Egins – Sr. Director, Major League Operations
  • Brian Gaffney – Vice President, General Counsel
  • Abby Sanders – Coordinator, Spanish Translator/Communications
  • Zach Wilson – Assistant General Manager, Player Development

9:30am                 Gates A & D Open.

10:00am             Pre-show video content on the scoreboard.

10:30am             Introduction – Jerry welcomes/thanks everyone, introduces himself as moderator.

 10:35am             Session 1:  How You Got Here & Current Role (3 minutes per person)

Take a few minutes to tell everyone how you got here (where you’re from, where you went to school, previous jobs, etc.) and what your current role with the Rockies is and what it entails (big picture).

10:50am             Session 2: A Day in the Life (10 minutes)

Walk us through what an average day in your role looks like.  What specific tasks and activities take up your time?  How does a non-gameday differ from a gameday?

11:00am             Session 3: Classroom vs. On-the-Job (10 minutes)

Certainly not all of you were 100% prepared for your career in sports when you finished school. Could you discuss some of the best things you studied in school, and also talk about what skills/tasks you learned since you started a job in sports.

11:10am             Session 4: Q & A – pre-screened from schools (10 minutes)

Select questions as appropriate, announcing which school and student posed the question. This gives the student a moment in the spotlight.

11:25am             Session 5: Words of Advice (2 minutes per person)

All of our panelists were sitting where you were at some point. If they were in your seat, what advice would be helpful to them (i.e. what would you tell your younger self who was interested in sports).  How to best pursue a career in sports/entertainment, college advice, etc.

 11:30am             Event Ends       Clear sections, ask guests to pick up any trash from their area. Ballpark is open.

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