We are a full-service general contractor headquartered in Brea, California, that seeks to expand and improve our communities through the buildings we construct, the clients we serve, and the employee teams we foster.

Our success is a direct byproduct of the people who make up KPRS. Our staff is a carefully gleaned group of industry professionals who seek to take on construction challenges and skillfully execute their completion. We strive to attract the best minds and hardest workers in the construction industry – individuals whose commitment to clients and capabilities are proven through years of experience.

Advancement is central to the way we think. This focus motivates employees to strive for growth not only in their business relationships, but their personal ones as well.

As a knowledge-driven organization, KPRS is constantly developing new ways to seamlessly manage complex projects while maximizing quality and minimizing costs. We build and implement innovative programs in construction and technical service delivery systems, apply state-of-the-art technologies, and are dedicated to staying at the forefront of new applications for systems and products.

KPRS is committed to providing clients with impeccable management service, awareness, and research for their needs, objectives, and expectations – supplying innovative suggestions each step of the way. We strive to continuously expand our forward thinking mentality, assuring that our projects, staff, and services are unsurpassed in our industry.