Founded as BEW Global in 2002, InteliSecure is an internationally recognized leader in critical asset protection. The company was built on providing a portfolio of information and network security services to help organizations protect their most critical assets from internal and external threats. We recognized early on that technology alone was not enough to provide adequate protection, which is why we created consulting services practices around the definition and management of workflows, policy governance, event triage and incident management, and reporting. Additionally, we pioneered services to assist corporations with ISO 27001 certification, focusing on quality management concepts of continuous improvement and measurement.

In 2013, the company introduced the business-centric Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) model that emphasizes protecting an organization’s most critical assets by leveraging content and context-aware technologies. In 2015, the acquisition of Pentura, a well-respected security services company in the UK, helped expand our penetration testing services and increase our Security Operation Center capacity while also enabling us to provide local resources for European-based clients.

We were the first to establish the concept of a Critical Asset Protection ProgramTM (CAPP). CAPPs clearly define and protect the assets which are most important to our clients’ organizations based on revenue, income, reputation and core operational impact. They are the governing programs for all of our service delivery, since technology alone will not protect you from the bad guys or help you identify and mitigate a breach. All of our services are designed around CAPPs.

InteliSecure has served more than 500 customers and currently protects more than 1,000,000 users in 25+ countries around the world. We currently offer Professional Services, Security Assessments and Managed Services for data and threat protection. Our client base includes many industry leading Fortune 500 companies and spans across major verticals including healthcare, finance, insurance, legal, and manufacturing.