Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force


The Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force is a coalition of state, civil society, and citizen organizers committed to the prevention of human trafficking in the Greater New Orleans area through education, outreach, collaboration, and research.

The group’s primary goal is to collaborate in sharing and disseminating information, contacts, and protocols related to the existence, prevention, and response to human trafficking in and around New Orleans.

Members represent a diverse coalition of New Orleans area organizations, institutions, state agencies, political and religious affiliations. The group maintains a working list of service providers and organizers who address this multi-faceted issue.

Our mission is to:

  • Combat human trafficking through seamless collaboration between law enforcement and social service providers;
  • Use a victim-centered approach in proactively investigating and prosecuting human trafficking crimes; and provide comprehensive, high-quality social services to all victims of human trafficking.

Through the collaborative efforts of our task force members, we hope to see:

  • A swift and coordinated response to human trafficking, in which the rights of victims of trafficking under Louisiana and federal law are protected; and in which perpetrators are held accountable;
  • A comprehensive network of high-quality services for victims of trafficking that all victims can access as soon as they are identified in the community or by law enforcement; and systemic collaboration between service providers and law enforcement towards the common goal of combating human trafficking in our community.