Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

VMware vSphere 7 Foundations Essential Training

VMware vSphere is everywhere. Non-virtualized data centers are a thing of the past, and in order to stay relevant, you must understand vSphere. In this course, technical trainer and experienced IT professional Rick Cresci guides you through each major step in setting up and learning to use vSphere. Find out how to configure and manage vSphere 7 networking and storage. Learn how to deploy and administer VMs and apps, as well as how to use vMotion to migrate vSphere 7 VMs. Go over best practices to administer availability and resource management features. Plus, dive into some helpful troubleshooting tips. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn vSphere, including absolute beginners.

This course was created by Rick Crisci. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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