Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment


As a recent grad, you have probably held jobs before, but nothing that you planned on doing permanently. Now, you are out there looking for a career, and you hope to settle into one workplace. Once you find that job, …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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How to Protect your Startup from Crime

Secured data transfer

Protecting your business from crime is essential for all enterprises, no matter how long they have been operating or at what scale. With the rise of cyber crime alongside regular criminal activity, as well as white-collar crime, there is …

By Morgan Franklin
Morgan Franklin
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Five Tips for Job References


The praise or criticism of your references can influence whether you are offered a position.  It is therefore important to consider these tips:

*Think about who you ask: You may want to ask a friend or family member that you have known personally.  However, it …

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Maternity Leave and the Small Business Owner


By law, all businesses are required to provide a certain amount of maternity leave to employees. The time allowed for maternity leave depends on a number of factors, including state and federal regulations, eligibility, type of maternity leave, etc. For …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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Start Your Job or Internship Search NOW


Do you plan on having a job or internship lined up for June 2018?  Think if you get started looking in March you’ll be way ahead of the game?  Think again!!  Recruiting has started happening earlier and earlier every year …

By Rebecca Damas
Rebecca Damas Assistant Director, Internship and Career Advisor Rebecca Damas
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