Take Advantage of the Just in Time Career & Internship Fair

Career Fair

All Majors “Just In Time” Career & Internship Fair
Thursday, May 3, 2018
1pm – 3pm
Craig Hall (Graduate School of Social Work)
Learn more: http://bit.ly/2BReg9P

Whether you’re at the career fair to gather information about possible careers, or to …

By Maria Kuntz
Maria Kuntz Assistant Director, Advancement Marketing Maria Kuntz
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How to Remain Confident When You Keep Getting Rejected From Jobs


For most people, job searching entails some rejection. You send in a resume and receive no response. You go to an interview and don’t get a callback. You go to another interview and get ghosted.

But, knowing it …

By The Daily Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions
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Grad School – When to Prep and Apply

A day planner.

Applying to graduate school is a lot different than applying to college. There’s a variety of different types of programs, and generally graduate programs have more autonomy within a university than undergraduate degrees. Because of the differences and unique aspects …

By Kyle Inselman
Kyle Inselman Career Advisor Kyle Inselman
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Organizing Your Job Search


When on the hunt for a job, it’s not uncommon to be applying for multiple opportunities at once. This is especially true for those of us just starting out in our careers. But multiple applications mean different resume versions, various …

By Katy Tripses
Katy Tripses Head of Growth
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5 Ways to Break Into the Hidden Job Market


What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for a new job? Your instincts tell you to start exploring job boards. Of course, you should go through different job boards to find openings suitable for your skills and …

By Eva Wislow
Eva Wislow Career Coach & HR Expert
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