How to Be More Efficient When Searching for Jobs Online

How to Be More Efficient When Searching for Jobs Online thumbnail image


Job searches can be time-consuming, sometimes draining, and often discouraging when you don’t get the response rate that you want. But one of the key things to remember with job applications is that quantity should never rule over quality. …

By Morgan Franklin
Morgan Franklin
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Is Freelancing for Me? Quiz



Freelancing is on the rise, and the internet has made it easier than ever to be your own boss. For those looking from the outside, becoming a freelancer often appears tempting. Being your own boss, choosing the work you …

By Jenny Mayer
Jenny Mayer
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Your First 90 Days on the Job- From Interview to Success

90 Days Nametag

You just beat out the competition for your new job so now it’s time to deliver! Here are some tips to help you succeed.

1. Listen—Observe—Learn
Take the time to understand your team, the culture, goals and overall vibe of …

By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Director, Career & Professional Development Mary Michael Hawkins
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How to Become a Sales Representative in 5 Steps


There is a lot more to being a good sales representative than simply waiting on customers and hoping that they buy something. You need to know how to find the right customers, and how to sell them, even if they …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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What to do if You are Injured on the Job


Do you know what to do if you are injured while on the job? After any injury, it is important to follow certain steps to make sure that the injury is properly dealt with. It may only seem minor, but …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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