Global Friends Program at DU – Deadline is 9/20/17

Global Friends Program

Are you interested in participating in the Global Friends Program

for the 2017-2018 Academic Year?

This program is a wonderful opportunity for faculty, staff and local alumni to promote cross-cultural friendship on the University of Denver campus. This is a great …

By Maria Kuntz
Maria Kuntz Assistant Director, Advancement Marketing Maria Kuntz
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Learn & Play at Career Carnival!


Visit our first ever Career Carnival to meet career staff in a fun atmosphere! At this event, Career Advisors will help students set up their Pioneer Careers accounts and teach students about the new career milestones for each year during …

By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Executive Director, Career & Professional Development Heidi Perman
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Knock, Knock….


Did you know that Career & Professional Development has current students trained as Career Peer Advisors?  We have a team of undergraduate and graduate students who can help you with all of your resume, cover letter, and job or internship …

By Rebecca Damas
Rebecca Damas Assistant Director, Internship and Career Advisor Rebecca Damas
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Using Social Media as an Effective Job Search Tool

Job Search Human Resources Recruitment Career Concept

You have finally graduated, and it’s time to get out there into the real world and begin your career. So, you need to start using all of the job search tools that are available at your disposal. Did you know …

By Jane Hurst
Jane Hurst
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4 Ways Life Changes After College!


For the privileged and lucky ones who get to pursue a college education, college life can be a magical bubble. The dynamics, lifestyle, and nuances of college life are starkly different from that of real life. While some skills learned …

By Yashmita kavni
Yashmita kavni Yashmita kavni
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