27 Leaders, Athletes & Celebrities You Wouldn’t Know Have Learning Disabilities

Option1 Health and wellness

In your job search journey, it can be helpful and inspirational to look to leaders in the professions you are passionate about or want to learn more about who came across challenges as students and, through those challenges discovered their …

By Beth Wade
Beth Wade Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development Beth Wade
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Becoming a Nutritionist: Things to Consider


Dietitians are in demand. If you have a curious mind on food and nutrition, and you desire to start a career as a nutritionist or dietitian, then read on. When considering this career path, the major obstacle students face is …

By Annabel Monaghan
Annabel Monaghan Career Advisor & Communications Specialist
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Are You Considering Medical School? You Might Want to Attend Networking @ Nite!


Is medical school your primary career goal?

It’s a great goal to have, but there are quite a few steps you will need to take to get there. One of those steps, toward the end of the admissions process, is …

By Kimberly White
Kimberly White Career Advisor Kimberly White
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Need advice on a business career when you have a non-business major? A DU parent is here to help!


Have you thought about a career in the business world and yet you don’t think you have the right major?  Reaching out to a network of people with a common affiliation is a great way to begin.  DU offers   …

By Jane Mall
Jane Mall Career & Professional development Jane Mall
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Carving a Career in the Fitness Industry

Carving a Career in the Fitness Industry thumbnail image

The fitness industry is pretty big right now. And this means there has never been a better time to start a fitness career. But what does it take? How do you ensure that you succeed in this industry? Here is …

By Mary Fraser
Mary Fraser Regional Manager
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