I’d Like to Connect With You on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Connection Requests Best Practices and Other Tips to Expand Your Network


It’s LinkedIn week here at the DU Career Center which means we are offering multiple workshops to help DU students and alumni improve their LinkedIn profiles and learn how to navigate this powerful professional networking tool.  As a full-time DU …

By Lindsey Day
Lindsey Day Alumni Career Counselor Lindsey Day
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The Young and the (Temporarily) Jobless

millenial word cloud


Photo Credit to AliveCampus.com

Staring at a computer screen for hours on end, doing research and writing long documents, sending and responding to emails… Sounds like any typical day job, right?

For me, that typical day job is now looking …

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Dreading Graduation? Let’s Go for a Walk.

let’s take a walk

It’s January and a little over one week into a new year. This is a time when people are feeling compelled to create some sort of change in their lives, to give up some habit, or develop a new one, …

By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Assistant Director of Career & Professional Development Carolyn Sommers
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“Why not? It’s just coffee.” How One Conversation Changed My Life.

jackie w.students

Looking back, I’m not sure if I ever fully understood the impact that education could have on an individual’s future. I accepted all the educational opportunities that were given to me knowing that college would eventually be the gateway to …

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How to Cultivate a Bountiful Professional Network


Did you know that many of your existing contacts should be part of your career development network? 

As a career professional, your goal is to develop these relationships into catalysts that help you achieve your career goals. Most professionals will attest that a robust network …

By Toni Phelan
Toni Phelan Assistant Director, Daniels Undergraduate Career Services Toni Phelan
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